Thursday, October 14, 2010


hari ini sungguh hari yang menyenangkan. walaupun seharian ga ngapa-ngapain. cuma skype-jumping dengan bbrp org.. including my mom&dad and my other 2 friends.

so..what's so happy about?
pagi2 gw bangun..cek bb..dan di group TKI milano (group iseng2 bikinan kita anak2 indo) ada 1 good news bgt..jreng2..FEFE dpt scholarship !!! doa gw bener terkabul..well, doa kita semua. kita semua berdoa supaya temen kita yg satu ini dapet scholarship jadi dy lanjut kuliah di sini, kalau enggak.. dy bakalan for good. dan HURRAY! i'm really happy fefe ga jadi for good.
setelah kita kehilangan citta yg duluan for good 2 hari yg lalu :'(
anyway..and ke post office ngurusin permesso (permit of stay) gw yg ud hampir expired. dan untungnya lancar....dpt panggilan pertama itu 5th of nov. phewww...

i love today.
and of my good friends is coming from switzerland..
my highschool friend..kevin aditya kuuuuuu

anyway..this week is my sober week.
am not going to drink any alcohol drinks this week.
i got drunk twice last week..2 days in a row
not good. therefore... let's sober up !

Milan, 13 October 2010.


Friday, October 08, 2010

Milan, you look beautiful tonight.

I don't know why, but I really love milan today. this is rare. and odd. despite all those things that happened to me today, I still feel in love.
okay, jadi hari ini itu ada opening ceremony 2nd year di sekolah gw. gw uda prepared everything bgt. i even got out from the house 30 minutes earlier. bus 92 dateng cepet..asik..BUT..bus 90 nya...VAFFANCULO..
lemme explain first, to get to my school from my house, you have to take bus number 92, only 4 or 5 stops, and then exchange infront of LODI metro with bus number 90 for another 3 stops. usually this only take for 15 till 20 minutes if everything goes right. but since this is italy, it can take 40 minutes or more.
so, when i was waiting for bus number 90 after 92, i saw the board..and it said..18 minutes! mio Dio, the opening ceremony starts in less than 10 minutes. therefore, i decided to walk..which could take approx 10 minutes. and i was wearing a wrong shoes. it got my feet hurt. oh well..
but i managed to get there in time. phew...

it was really good to see all your friends. i was amazed to see their changes and so did they with mine. i got some compliments *YAY* hahahah..about me losing some weight *HURRAY* and my boobs getting bigger *LOL* or prettier and got me into such a mood..good one.
so i got home..and later went out for dinner with my friends.
it was a nice italian restaurant. the food was great. i swear to myself i'm gonna take my mom and brothers to this restaurant when they come here next month. or my dad, who's coming here as well on january.

and i was waiting for the tram to go back...and i got troubled with, again, italian transportation. idk why they just let people out from the tram for no reason. TYPICAL. so i took a cab instead. while i was on my way back, i looked around milan from the window. and i love what i saw. i repeat, this is rare.

well anyway, enough for now. based on this post you all know that i'm back again in Milan. I had such great times in Netherlands. and looking forward to go back again. hope my permesso (permit of stay) will be out easily *finger-crossed*..otherwise i won't be able to go out from this country (other than Indonesia) after my visa expired.

so, good night people. hope you are fine wherever you are. kiss.

Milan, 7 october 2010.


Friday, October 01, 2010

allow me to exaggerate a memory or two.

the kind of feelings when you're high.

welcoming the new month with a clean slate. well, kinda. okay, so actually no.
bangun dengan otak yang masi bego. masih efek dari kemarin malam.
so, yesterday i went to Amsterdam, my favourite city in the whole world. seriously.
and you know stuff to do there. so i did what i had to.
but this time, uda berpenglaman sedikit.
ended up doing that in hemelrijken's couch. and it lasted for about 10 hours. good stuff.
rise and shine. and welcome dear fall.

Eindhoven, 1 October 2010.