Wednesday, September 27, 2006

ugh,damn!i hate today so much!first,(i think) failed at physics test,(i think) failed at biology quiz,my pkn paper was gone,and i had a little *hmm2* with sum1.god,i really REALLy hate this day!apalagy bsk ada ulangan mat.huhuhuuuuu.please somebody rescue me before i lose control!mengapa sekolah suka menyiksa murit2 yang sangat manis ini?!

congratz yaah bwt 2 other couples..
Mandy und Rangga
Nanda und Mey (yg udah balikan)

ayoo donk teman2!jadiaan gih!byr smuanya berpasang2an..hehe
kan seruuuu tuuuh!
how bout me?!
lemme say that i'm fine being single
but i'm getting tired of pretending i'm tough

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