Tuesday, January 15, 2008

i guess it doens't matter where it begin..because no one will believe me anyway
hella people.school is now on board.again.lame i know.but i feel so happy lately.everything around me seemed pretty great actually.except for one thing.well,my last holiday was GREAT!it was fantastic.i spent about 6 million rupiah on my own.but it was still not enough.i still have lots of shopping left.i encountered my long-time friend (actually he's my brother's friend)..si fernando andria aka edodol in malay.i also had an amazing new year.it was all very great.plus with loren cup and parties coming soon...i've been having a happy feeling.oyea..i've been reading STYLE A to ZOE.it's my HOLLY BIBLE!it's an amazing book.which accidentaly got mistaken with FASHION ZIC A ZOE by my friend..kevin A!.hahas.speaking of boys...i'm looking forward for a new love this year.it's been more than 2 years since my former love.i've been falling for lots of new one actually.but i'm really looking for the 'one' this year.hehe.i can't wait for my friendS sweet17 birthday partieS.it's time for our angkatan to show.last week i went fitness 2 times.and for the first one.i went fitness with ncim.i rode an rpm apparatus.and it couldn't stop.the pedal hit my legs.and now i got bruisers on my both legs.but my left one looks worse.it looks like a phyton bitten.and yes..ncim laughed OUT LOUT at me.hehehe.and oiyaa..my french lesson been pretty well.i can now read and write a french letter.and my report card was quite good actually.i got 8th rank on my class.awesome.so..see you guys soon.
mille baisers.

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